OECD, Puglia Creative District was selected as best practice in the event “Co-operative Action Programme on Local Economic Employment Development” (LEED) that took place in Paris 10th of November 2015

Italian Ministry of economic development (MISE), Puglia Creativa participates at the national institutional table on Cultural and Creative Industries

Italian Ministry of heritage and culture (MIBACT), Puglia Creativa participates at the national table on cultural district policy in Italy

ISFOL, Puglia Creativa participates at the national table on policies of cultural districts in Italy

APULIA REGION, Puglia Creativa participates at the technical table for the project “Design in Puglia” and at the consultation about regional policy for economic development, cultural and creative industries, tourism and training

SYMBOLA, Puglia Creativa is member, together they promoted the research “Creative in Puglia”

ARTLAB, Puglia Creativa is partner since 2014

Ch.IMERA, Puglia Creativa is partner of the project financed by the Interreg MED Programme 2014-2020

PUGLIA CREATIVA HAVE BEEN INVITED IN AUDITING DURING THE CONFERENCE OF REGIONS HELD IN ROME 22/2/17. Puglia Creativa illustrated its number, its mission and focused the attention on the importance of building and maintaining a constructive and continuous dialogue with regional institutions in particular in the field of innovation, internationalization and training. Puglia Creativa was presented as one of the most interesting best practices at European level. The purpose of the meeting was the requirement to align the regional regulations and overcome the obstacles to national taxation and corporate law