Puglia Creativa/Creative Apulia Cluster Association



Puglia Creativa is an association recognised in 2012 by Apulia Region, according to Regional law 23\2007, representing more than 100 Apulian cultural and creative enterprises.

  • Performing arts: theatre, dance, music, festival
  • Cultural industries: cinema, media, audiovisual, gaming, software, publishing
  • Creative industries: design, Made in Italy, architecture, communication agencies
  • Heritage: visual arts, cultural hub, cultural heritage, entertainment places
  • Creative driven: social innovation, services, training

Our network is also composed by universities, public and private institutions active in the field of education, research and vocational training, institutions and public companies, trade associations and regional trade union.


Puglia Creativa is governed by its Statute 

Creative Apulia Cluster Association is structured in three main bodies:

  • Assembly of Members
  • Executive board
  • President

The Assembly is composed by all the members of the association, it has the main power to appoint the President and to approve the annual balance sheet.

The Executive board is composed by 13 members: the President and the representatives of the economic sectors (performing arts, cultural industries, creative industries, heritage, creative driven) of territorial branches (Bari-BAT, Lecce, Foggia, Brindisi-Taranto), of universities and research centres, of union and trade associations. Its main task is to define the Development Plan of the Cluster and execute its actions and projects.

The President is the legal representative of the Association.