What does Puglia Creativa do

Puglia Creativa took part at several institutional tables where discussed about the policy in the field of cultural district and economic development of ccis, tourism and training (MISE, MIBACT, ISFOL, APULIA REGION); It was selected by OCSE as best practice in the event Co-operative Action Programme on Local Economic Employment Development realized in Paris 10/11/15; Puglia Creative have been final beneficiary of the strategic project named I.C.E. “Innovation, Culture and Creativity for a new Economy” (financed by Interreg Greece Italy 2007-2013) and have collaborated in realizing the researchCreative in Puglia” and in collecting the numbers of CCIs highlighting specific peculiarities and interconnections with the tourism’s industry.

Creative in Puglia
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In April 2016, the Assembly of Puglia Creativa approved the new proposal of  Development Plan, aimed to be realized during three-years: 2016-2019 and that is possible to sign-in on our web site: www.pugliacreativa.it by all Apulian Cultural and Creative Companies.

Puglia Creativa Development Plan


It is Partner of ARTLAB since 2014.  ArtLab was set up in 2006 in Turin by Fondazione Fitzcarraldo. Over the years, it has grown into the most inspiring and powerful, cross sectorial, independent platform in Italy, dedicated to innovating practices and policies in and through arts and culture by a structured dialogue among the stakeholders of the cultural and creative ecosystem. ArtLab is a learning environment where cultural and creative professionals, the civil society, the corporations, the service agencies and policy makers share experiences and knowledge on how art and culture contribute to wellbeing as well as to economic and social growth: a unique opportunity to networking, sharing, searching for partners, nurturing ideas, compare programmes and projects. ArtLab is characterized by its international perspective, hosting meetings within the different stages of cultural networks of European and trans-national projects presentations, debates on policies and programs and the dynamics of global markets, contributions by artists, managers, professionals and representatives of supranational organizations protagonists of significant and inspiring experiences. ArtLab is the place to go to think, make plans, reflect on the role that art and culture play for social cohesion, economic development and the civil growth of a territory. Through a program organized around thematic areas, ArtLab promotes debate, integration, the exchange of ideas and experiences.



It studied, proposed, realized an Educational Tour: We are creative Salento, in co-operation with Apulia Region for promoting tourism in rural areas of Apulia Region. Puglia Creativa starting from the central role that authenticity and experience plays in tourism, proposed the creation of tourist packages that were able to identify, qualify and promote itineraries in which cultural and creative experiences are connected with tourist activities and food/wine production; So Puglia Creativa proposed a full experience in the territory; promoted networks between enterprises and activities related to production, processing and marketing of excellences of creative entrepreneurs with particular reference to performing arts, design and artistic craftsmanship.


SALONE INTERNAZIONALE DEL MOBILE, Puglia Creativa is partner from 2017 – DESIGN IN PUGLIA PROJECT AND PUGLIA CROSSING IDENTITIES: PUGLIA CROSSING IDENTITIES is the design exhibition made in Apulia, which took place from 4 to 9 April 2017 in Milan during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, it was a step of the project DESIGN IN PUGLIA, promoted by the Apulia Region in collaboration with Puglia Creativa, Distretto dell’Arredo/District of Forniture, ADI and Puglia Sviluppo SpA. DESIGN IN PUGLIA aimed to support the development of the furnishing sector considering the synergies with another strategic and strong growth sector for Apulia, the hospitality’s industry. A process of “induced innovation” was triggered through matchmaking between companies and designers of the territory. The results were tangible but also intangible, having generated a collection of unpublished objects, but having largely created manyprofessional relationships. Design in Puglia is also a path that runs through different prototypes, with theaim of valorizing a sample of top-level production realities and their specific know-how


SALONE INTERNAZIONAE DEL LIBRO DI TORINO, Puglia Creativa partner from 2017- in promotion of literary production of the territory, has organized in cooperation with Apulia Region and District Dialogoi into the Apulia Region stand, during Salone Internazionale del Libro, special events dedicated to editorial initiatives