Great attention produced the meeting organized by Puglia Creativa at the end of October in the context of the activities of the ChIMERA Project (funded by the Interreg – Med Cooperation Program). In fact, it gave a good result in terms of participation and involvement from the participants, guests and staff. Took part to the two days of meeting, in addition to the members of Puglia Creativa and its staff, Mr Gaetano Grasso from Innovapuglia S.p.A., affiliate of Apulia Region that supports the regional strategic planning for Digital Innovation, two guests Mrs. Giorgia Boldrini and Mrs. Barbara Busi – both in videoconference and Mr. Eduard Gil.

Opened the first day of work (30th October) the president of Puglia Creativa, Mr. Vincenzo Bellini, that presented the cluster, its vision and its mission, than took word Mrs. Cinzia Lagioia – in quality of Project Manager, that resumed what are Project ChIMERA purpose and aims and what this workshop is expected to produce, than Mrs. Anna Ressa and Valentina Cianci – workshop facilitators, resumed the results of SWOT analysis made last March on Apulian CCIs.

After this short presentation was introduced the first guest, connected with the workshop by videoconference, Mrs. Giorgia Boldrini responsible for INCREDIBOL! – The CREATIVE INnovation of BOLogna, a project born in 2010 to support the growth of the cultural and creative sector in Emilia-Romagna and which continues its path supporting creative start-ups and the CCIs system of the territory.

Than the videoconference continued with Barbara Busi, responsible for the cultural and creative business sector of Aster – Emilia Romagna Development Agency. She presented: 1) Clust-ER, a new community made by public-private (research centres, start-ups , companies, training organizations) that shares ideas, skills, tools, and resources to support the competitiveness of Emilia-Romagna’s most important production systems; 2) Kick-ER, the Platform created to support with crowdfunding projects, services and innovative products to launch on the market; 3) Mak-ER, the network of manufacturing, digital fabrication and manufacturing laboratories in the Emilia-Romagna Region. At the end of this constructive dialogue the participants took part to the THINK& CHANGE working tables where discussed about Puglia Creativa internal weaknesses in the field of: Governance, Communication, Priority Actions, Networking and Internationalization. During all the activities were also present the company selected for video reporting the activities and a staff member in charge of Project ChIMERA’s communication activities for posting and tweeting simultaneously on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Opened the second day of work (31th October) Cinzia Lagioia, Project Manager of ChIMERA Project, who introduced Mr. Paolo Mele the workshop Facilitator with Mrs. Ana Ressa and  Mr. Eduard Gil, cluster manager of Cluster Audiovisual de Cataluña, who during the workshop provided a comprehensive overview of the governance, strategy, activities, and funding sources of the Catalan cluster. Lots of good suggestions, motivations and best practices emerged from the meeting so, very participated have been the THINK & CHANGE working tables where the participants divided for discussing the solutions at the internal weaknesses highlighted the day before and to identify the actions that have to be realized. Those actions will be the guidelines for the consolidation and development path of the Puglia Creativa. One of the actions identified by the participants, is the experimentation of the Living Lab that Puglia Creativa will launch in January 2018 until the end of the ChIMERA project. 

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